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Classicism is a style manifested itself in all the arts of Europe in 17-19 centuries: art, literature, music, architecture. Restraint, symmetry, sophistication and appeal to antiquity are reflected in the Classic interior design. Classicism style - Classic style in the interior of the apartment - it’s a noble decoration, materials of exceptional quality, clear geometric shapes and the lack of “unnecessary frills”.

Interior Design in the Classic style attracting by their serene colors and atmosphere of reliability and imperial dignity. Today, classic interiors are chosen by wealthy people, with settled taste preferences, as well as those who prefer the age-old cultural values and traditions instead of fleeting fashion. 

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Classicism originated in France in the 17th century and quickly spread over the Europe, became the dominant style for more than two centuries. Artists of that time were inspired by the art of ancient Greece and Rome, namely their rigor, clarity and simplicity.

Despite the strict rules, classicism though was manifested in different countries in its own way: if in France the interior design was full of splendor and luster, in England Classicism was featured by rationalism and rigor. During the reign of Catherine the Great dignity, harmony and reasonable restraint of Classicism had conquered Russia. Buildings in Petersburg and their interiors served as an example for the design of rooms in the noble estates throughout the Russian Empire.


“Recognize” Classic style in the interior is not difficult: It is enough to look around carefully.

 Discreet cornices, columns, doors and windows with clear outlines, marble fireplaces - all furnishings tend to rectangular form.

 The color scheme of the interior is maintained in light pastel colors.

 Niches of spacious rooms are decorated with statues, to hair’s breadth as in ancient times.

 Classical ornaments depict oak or laurel leaves, Greek meander, but it can be seen a certain order and symmetry at their disposition.

 Classicism in interior design implies the presence of arches, stucco, half-columns and columns.

Thiet ke noi that theo phong cach co dien


Photos of the interior in the style of Classicism show how different this direction in the design with its orderliness and predictability, respectability and solidity from many other styles. To order the design of the apartment in a classic style is far not the cheapest solution, but such a design is always topical and independent from fashion trends.


Classic does not accept the cheap finish: all materials are natural or unique, and therefore expensive. Columns and pilasters are usually made of marble, stucco is handmade only (in counterweight to prepared stucco “classic imitation”).

The walls are often covered with cloth or paneled with natural wood. As a flooring used parquet, but in some areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room) is permissible to use marble or stone tiles.

The ceiling in the classical style is usually white, decorated with stucco friezes.

Thiet ke noi that theo phong cach co dien


Classic colors and contrasts avoids bright hues. All shades are calm, neutral, making the overall classical interior atmosphere smoothing. Most often used olive, beige, cream, light green and gold colors in the finishing materials, furniture and textiles. It is also permissible to use all shades of brown (natural wood color), but at the same time do not forget that the room should not look gloomy and dark. In upholstery and textiles are often used blue, blue-green and sand colors.


To illuminate the room in classic style often used crystal chandeliers, lamps made of transparent stones or expensive glass. Chandelier in classic style is a real work of art: it is always the finest material handling. Interior design in a classic style shows that a chandelier placed strictly in the center of the ceiling: the light is distributed evenly, which gives the interior a finished look.

In addition to the ceiling lights rooms are often decorated with bronze candlesticks (or simulating candle chandeliers with shades). You can often see the torcheres in the fabric lampshades in the rooms.

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Brocade, satin, silk - these are the main fabrics used in the decoration of rooms in a classic style. For windows decoration are often choose well draped and shape keeping tissues, such as plush and heavy silk. Curtains in the interior are often supplemented by the lambrequins and jabot. The floors are often shrouded with expensive handmade carpets. 


For furniture used precious woods, expensive upholstery fabrics and natural leather. Furniture in the style of classicism is always functional, comfortable, furnishings are without “extra decor”… Often wooden furniture is varnished that makes the interior airy and very furniture graceful. It is appropriate to use gold carving as decor.

 To order home design in classic style means to create a unique artistic composition, where every detail is in harmony with others and carefully selected.

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The choice of decor for classic interior should be approached with great responsibility: it must be restrained and solid. You can opt porcelain products, antiques, paintings, statues and souvenirs made of marble and bronze.

The paintings in the classical style are considered landscapes of artists of XVII-XIX centuries, as well as reproductions of famous religiously oriented paintings and portraits. Pictures should be framed with exquisite wooden frames. Custom painting or drawing in the classical style, also mainly depicting landscapes, will become a real decoration for any room.



The main element of the bedroom is the bed. It defines the shape and style of the rest of the interior elements. In addition to a large wooden bed Classic style implies nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, chairs or banquettes. All pieces of furniture are stand out by rounded shapes and smooth contours.

Thiết kế nội thất phòng ngủ theo phong cách cổ điển

The room is preferred soft muted light: lamps in fabric lampshades, often made of the same material as the covers, will perfectly cope this task. Sconces mounted on the bedside table will help to make intimate atmosphere.

Classic style in the bedroom looks beautifully and finished if the wallpaper and textiles are decorated with the same pattern. Bedroom in the classical style is the time-tested decision and a sign of impeccable taste.


Classic kitchen is always practical, stylish and functional. Kitchen sets, made of solid wood, dazzle with their correct forms and intricate carvings. Color range of the furniture is quite wide: from light cream to dark brown. Fine wood inlays used as decorative elements of kitchen sets. Their lockers are often decorated with stylized bronze and gold-plated handles.

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Kitchen in the classical style, which is very important, requires maximum “disguise” of household appliances and modern kitchen utensils. Gas-stove, fridge, cooker hood should be built-in or hidden behind cabinet`s doors. Big massive table which can gather the whole family is an important element of the kitchen in the classical style.

You can decorate the walls of the room with “nature morte” (still-life compositions) in elegant frame.


Bathroom in classical style often finished with a white or beige colors, and thanks to the gilt elements looks very solemnly. In order to emphasize the grandeur of the interior you can use marble for flooring.

Mirrors in massive gilded or bronze frames, wall sconces and chandeliers will give the bath a special charm and luxury.


Classic design of living shows that to embody the style in the interior of this room is sometimes much easier than to implement it in other rooms of the apartment or house. The reason is that the living room is usually the most spacious room in the house, also here is easier to provide a natural lighting.

Elegant tiered chandelier with gold-plated elements and crystal hangings will decorate the interior of the living room. Floor lamps will bring additional emphasis into room. 

Thiết kế nội thất phòng tắm cổ điển


Cabinet trim in the classical style today is probably one of the most popular solutions. This traditional design emphasizes the solidity and status - in famous design studios you can order a design of the home office in a classic style and be sure it will correspond to the overall concept of your home.

Beauty of the Classics, as well as any other style, is made up of little things. Even the smallest accessory at the desktop should not contradict the general stylistic direction in the study room.

thiet ke noi that phong doc co dien

The walls in the classical style is not necessarily need to be covered with wallpaper: you can use the fabric, order painting walls, use a decorative plaster. Also, as an option, part of the wall can be sheathed with wooden paneling, and the remainder can be left smooth. Classicism style in home office shows how relevantly pilasters and columns, statues and paintings look in the interior.

Features of classicism are so attractive by their discreet luxury that this style is one of the most popular design for catering establishments today. Exquisite furniture and expensive accessories allow restaurants and bars have the effective image to attract customers.

Order office design in classic style means to demonstrate the reliability and validity of the company./.

Source: Smalldesignideas.

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