If you were looking for a word that described what modern home decor was then that would be; it is Simplicity. Of course, simple doesn’t mean boring and modern decor with its clean lines, neutral color palette and geometric shapes is anything but boring. Instead, modern interior decor can be warm, inviting and completely stylish in just about any home. But how do you achieve modern interior decor? Obviously, it isn’t as simple as walking into a store and choosing items that have clean lines. There takes a bit more to that and there are several basic ideas that should be incorporated into a Modern Décor.

thiet ke noi that hien dai

The First is Simplicity. Please remember, the modern décor is to ensure incorporation into your space. Simplicity is not extreme with having four walls for the room with a chair; that is keeping everything as neat as possible. The studies show that confusion causing stress in life. Therefore, simple decorations help you feel less daily stress in your home.

thiet ke noi that hien dai

The Second idea of modern interior decor is function. Not only should your rooms be simple with those clean lines and minimal artwork and accessories, but it should also be functional. This varies greatly from room to room but when you go into a room, it should be easy to access and use various items in it. So, for instance, a kitchen that is designed with modern decor in mind should have ample workroom and everything should be easy to access.

thiet ke noi that hien dai

Modernism architecture is a very broad concept, used to describe works with the similar characteristics of simplicity in space, free or asymmetrical site and using new materials such as glass, steel, concrete… The modern architecture that is said to be a powerful break with classicalism.

Modern Interior Style is clean and mainly focuses on functional features as well as avoids lines of textured and complicated as other styles. Modern interior design style focuses on simplicity, creates the peace and reduces the stress for homeowners.

The foundation of modern interior design style is definitely neutral colors such as white, beige, dark brown. The color tones are allowed to emphasis on the shapes and contours from the furniture’s. However, it does not mean that be too restrictive when using colors in this style; If you are cleverly in combining neutral colors with bold colors, it will bring the impressive vibes for colors.

With modern style interior design spaces, the selection of furniture is mainly based on functional design, simple and elegant lines, strong contrasting colors. Modern furniture is streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces with simple and neat details meeting the requirements in both performance and aesthetics.

Regarding to materials, modern interior design mainly uses industrial materials such as chrome, glass and concrete or materials creating from modern technology.

The modern interior design uses light as an important decorative element to create visual and aesthetic effects. In using light, it’s emphasized especially natural light. The natural light is filtered through the curtains, penetrating from the outer canopy in purpose to achieve the aesthetic as well as architects in advance. If so, artificial light is carefully selected to emphasize the shape and structure of the interior decoration components./.

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