Design and Interior Decoration Process



Van Nam Furniture and Interior Decoration appreciates the trust of customers over 10 years. In order to help customers to understand how to design, décor and manufacture furniture; we have concretized the process from receiving your information to setup concepts, design and execute…

A- Interior Design Process.

Step 1: Discussion, Setting-up Concept.

- Our sale staffs will receive the initial requirements from customers by some channels contacted by them;

- Consulting preliminarily from initial information for customers about design style, optimal spatial layout, selection of appropriate materials, equipment and accessories as well as financial customers’ capacity; Working process; Contract terms, etc... to help investors/ customers making the accurate decisions at beginning.

- Setting the meeting schedule and place to talk directly together with customers.

Step 2: Reality Survey.

- In according to the date, our designer and sale will come to your place to collect the reality information and specific requirements; including:

+ Survey, calculate total area for designing;

+ Purpose for Design;

+ Receive requests for design style, overall color;

+ Limited budget;

+ Take photos of current site;

+ Clarify the design process and schedules for sections;

+ Both parties have agreement for the design requirement in according to customer’s requests issued by us;

+ Other requirements…

- For customers are outside of 30Km, please send email to fully information as follows:  

+ Detail survey, site drawings;

+ Take and attaché the photos of current site;

+ Tell clearly your requests about design style, overall color;

+ Limited budget;

+ Other requirements…

- Please refer the Quotation for Design Service from Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration HERE.

Step 3: Conceptual Design.

- Basing on the reality survey and customers’ requirements:

+ Designers will setup the concepts on 2D site drawing, schedule is from 02-03 days and depends on design volume; 

+ Sales will discuss and draft the Design Contract as well as send to customer in according to the listed Price. This price maybe change following to the Specific Customer Policy. 

- After sending 2D design, we will setup the 2nd date for discussion on:

+ 2D site layout for selection;

+ Preliminary quotation basing on 2D design;

+ Agree the contents of Design Contract Draft.

Step 4: Design Approval, Presentation of 3D Décor.

- After every 03-05 days per one space, we will send pictures illustrating to 3D concepts, including:

+ Details of design space for relating parts;

+ Picture details for furniture’s in space, lines, pattern, thick & thin, high & low…;

+ Details in color and tone values in furniture’s, floor, wall,.. in the design space.

+ Material details are used into furniture’s, design details…

- Customers and designers will agree all details as above and sign the Design contract with us; Pay 50% of Contract Value.

- After agreement of finale 3D perspective, please make the 2nd payment equivalent to 25% value of Contract.

Step 5: Delivery Technical Documents & Final Settlement of Interior Design Contract.

- After every 03-05 days per one space, we will send technical documents, including:

+ 2D technical drawing about ceiling - wall - floor.

+ Technical shop drawings for all furniture’s.

+ M&E drawings.

- Design documents will be delivered by 02 printed sets by A4/A3 (with our stamp and signatures) depending on customers’ requests.

- The final settlement documents will be sent with:

+ The minutes of delivery and official acceptance for 2D, 3D drawings; technical documents with signatures of customers and Van Nam. 

+ Liquidation of Contract.

+ Suggest to pay 25% remaining value of Contract.

- Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration also will send to customers the Quotation and Estimation for finishing furniture’s in order to select suitable partner in executing.

- There is fully sections, real prices in estimation documents.

+ Volume of materials of wood, glass, granite,… and their price;

+ Quantity, price of accessories, equipment’s and product information.

- From this estimation document, the customers can balance, adjust the price by increasing or reducing through the selection of materials, accessories, equipment’s.

B- Interior Executing Process.


After delivery fully designs to customers at Step 5 at Interior Design Process; they can find out and consider the capacity of interior Company basing on the completed projects, visit factory in order to decide to discuss and sign Contract. If you continue choosing Van Nam in executing, we will deduct DESIGN COST into Interior Construction Contract.

In order to avoid Companies or individuals without meeting production capacity, affect to quality of products; please note to visit their factories for having overall look to give accurate decision, avoid risks as well as damages in investment process.

Step 1: Producing furniture products at factory.

After signing Interior Construction Contract with Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration; we will forward design and all interior requests to Factory for producing. Please see more the production process and Quality Control at HERE.

However, during production process; if you feels uneasy, please visit our factory to check your products any times when finish. Please book the Date for the best welcome.

Step 2: Install the furniture’s at Home.

The execution is long from days to weeks upon volume and sections of works:

If there are all interior construction such as: the relating rooms, stairs, plaster ceiling, wall décor, floor, lighting, clean, M&E,…, they will take time from 1 weeks to 1 months depending on the sections of Contract.

If you do more wall cabinets having glasses or special sections,… the construction time at site is taken from some days.

Step 3: Delivery - Contract Liquidation.

After finishing, customer and our supervisory technical staff will check and takeover the volume, quality, quality for products. Sign the official acceptance agreement and Contract liquidation; Guarantee time will be calculated from signing the official acceptance agreement.

Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration.

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