It’s so important to secure private information; Van Nam Manufacturing Trading Service & Interior Decoration Co., Ltd has commtitments as follows:

VANNAM.COM.VN completely obey to Security Law in 1988 about:

  • Colleting customer’s information;
  • Updating customer’s information;
  •  Keeping security about customer’s information;
  • Collecting data from computer; Revising Security Policies.

1. Colleting customer’s information:

Individual information of customer is collected by Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration Company including:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Email;
  • Phone number.

VANNAM.COM.VN commited all collected information used in internal company. When registering account at VANNAM.COM.VN, your information is used for one or all:

  • To handle your order, supply service or information by website VANNAM.COM.VN as your request;
  • Notify about delivery and suppport;
  • Provide the relative information about products, promotion, marketing. Please cancel these information anytime by using Cancel Register Function on maketing bar.
  • Besides, VANNAM.COM.VN will use your information to support in managing account; Confirmation and excuting finance transaction relating to your payment; Checking data downloading from VANNAM.COM.VN; Improving theme or contents on website or easily modify when using; to identify customer visiting website; Sending usefull information from VANNAM.COM.VN or your requests as product or service information.
  • VANNAM.COM.VN can share your name or address to delivery express for delivering your Order.
  • Your order will be stored by VANNAM.COM.VN but due to security, you can not require these information from VANNAM.COM.VN. However, you can check your information by signing in your account on website. You can monitor fully details your orders all kind as well as your address, information which you registered to receive. You need to guarantee to secure your information and do not give it to 3rd party. VANNAM.COM.VN will not be responsible for incorrect password.

2. Updating customer’s information:

You can update your information everytime by signing in your register account at VANNAM.COM.VN.

3. Keeping security about customer’s information:

VANNAM.COM.VN ensure that every collected information being to store safely. We secure your information by:

  • Limited to access individual information;
  • Using technology products to prevent unauthorized access;
  • Delete personal information when unnecessary for storing;
  • VANNAM.COM.VN commited to payment information by transfering directly to VANNAM.COM.VN absolutely safe and secret

4. Collecting data from computer, mobile:

Visitting VANNAM.COM.VN, system will store your information browser automatically. These information is including:

  • Your IP;
  • Kind of Browser;
  • Internal Pages of VANNAM.COM.VN are visted;
  • Counting times you come these page, products or searching information on website, time and date visitting, other data…

These informations are collected for analysing and evaluating to improve website, service and product providing by VANNAM.COM.VN. These datas are not related to other informations.

5. Revising Security Policies:

VANNAM.COM.VN has right to change or revise Security Policy anytime. Any changes on website will be posted.

If you think VANNAM.COM.VN does not secure your information, please contact Customer Service at


Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration.

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