A Minimalist Style Home is Cozy with full Functions.

A Minimalist Style Home is Cozy with full Functions.

A Minimalist Style Home is Cozy with full Functions.



“Choosing and decorating a small apartment in a minimalist style is one of the smartest decisions to bring comfort and convenience to use”.


If you own a small apartment, not to be sad and "surrender" to live in frustration or crampedness, because of having many options to bring the convenience as well as spaciousness to your homme. A space is limited in area without a top concern. When entering this apartment, people will not think about the area, but just feel surprised when it’s resolved smartly and thoroughly.


The first criterion of a minimalist apartment is a clean, neat space to increase the comfort and health. Second, the reasonable furniture helps to expand more space, even in the smallest rooms. The third, a soft color palette or choices of minimalistic colors make the room more barren and less chaotic. Finally, more than anything it’s saving more money.




When most people think of minimalist home design, they probably picture a strict color pallet of black and white. This can be intimidating and can make a room feel uninviting. Think of minimalist color pallets as complimentary neutrals, not stark contrasts. 


Simplify your color scheme by eliminating extraneous colors and keeping it to two or three colors. Try layering the same color in different textured pieces; for example, put gray wool pillows on a gray sofa. Or, if you already have a neutral room, add a pop of color for an artistic focal point but don’t be excessive, remember that less is more.

Aminimalist kitchen done in whites and with warm-colored wood to make the space cozier.

A soft pastel minimalist kitchen in blush, beige with touches of muted green plus black chairs.

A living room done in greys and off-whites plus some black touches that don't contrast too much.

A neutral space done in greys and beige plus warm-colored wood on the floor and an accent on the wall.

This minimalist bedroom looks very warm and welcoming due to a large amount of wood used in decor.

A minimalist bedroom done in cream, white and off-whites plus warm-shaded wood and a blush lamp.

The open layout done in white, off-whites and greys plus touches of black for depth in design.

Off-whites and greys make the kitchen airy, a stone kitchen island highlights the texture.




These two points may be considered parts of design, you should keep them in mind while creating a minimalist space. Declutter: living in a clean and clear space isn’t just minimalist, it’s healthy. If you have accessories or other objects lying around that are just gathering dust, consider donating them. Negative spaces are an indispensable part of every minimalist space, so you may breathe new life into the room adding some negative space.


The focus of a room is often created by the furniture and accessories in it but such things rarely speak of the function of this room. Just do it with a piece that adds to the function, such as a handsome light fixture above an empty dining table, or a brightly colored piece of furniture. Each time adding one, ask yourself: is it necessary here? If not, then forget it.

Prefer furniture with clean lines, not overstuffed and not too whimsy or colorful.

Create clean looks everywhere and keep them clean, they shouldn't be cluttered.

Highlight the functional pieces like a dining table here and avoid any excessive items.

A clean, uncluttered living room with catchy sofas with rounded backs.



The forms of each piece of furniture should be simple with clean lines. You can keep the theme of openness by choosing open frame furniture. This can usually be found in the form of clear tables and basic metal frames. Keep the accents small and simple but do use them to avoid cold and boring looks. 

Prefer furniture with clean lines, not overstuffed and not too whimsy or colorful.

Upholstery shouldn't be avoided, just keep it very clean-lines and straight.

Add textures with plywood or wood furniture, with a copper lamp to make it bolder.

Add interest with fur throws or an ombre wall art in the shades of your space.

A minimalist kitchen with white cabinets and touches of concrete here and there to make it functional and catchy.

A neutral minimalist living room with clean-lined furniture and an accent lamp mixing modern and vintage.

Source: DigsDigs.com

Translated and Edited by:

Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration.


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