Beautiful and Feng Shui Living-room Design.

Beautiful and Feng Shui Living-room Design.

Beautiful and Feng Shui Living-room Furniture Design.

The living-room is the first place where your customers or friends visit and have the first looks as well as the place to exchange together. Living-room furniture is designed harmoniously, it will create a luxury and comfortable for owners and comers. Besides, it shows the pro as well as attention from homeowners.


The living-room is also fengshui bringing the peaceful and relaxing. A living-room being too large or small with an irregular shape will limit the flow of energy. In particularly, a good fengshui living-room should not be higher than a dining room and must be located on a half-outside of the house.


1. Colors.

Depending on the hobby or space, homeowner can choose appropriate color to size of the house. But the living-room is used for general purposes such as activities of family or collectives; it should focus on choosing the bright and youthful colors to create comfort as well as airiness. For example white, light blue, pastel colors, etc.


Using color in the room should follow rule of 60% - 30% - 10%. It means that interior space for living-room having main color tones upto 60%; the color tones of furniture makes up 30% and 10% belong to additional decorations.


2. Lights.

When recomending to the fongshui in house, old people often have the phrase "Sanh Minh That An", which means the living room must be arranged to fully light. If there is a lack of light, the living room will become dark, gloomy and secret. The living room must be the brightest place in the house; even it should be well balanced by light at the hidden corners. Therefore, it should make the most of natural and artificial light.


It shouldn’t use the large interior furniture to disorient the light into room. If the room is lacked of bright, it will be recommended to choose the bright, simple interior furniture with some accents to make glow for the space. The living-room light is also regulated by the interior, it is best to choose the interior to create a light block and furniture in harmony. In the evening, you must definitely use artificial light such as the ceiling lights or floor lamps to create a new feeling for the living room.


However, a lot of light does not mean we abuse many windows in design because many windows will make to flow away the transportation of lucky and wealthy in accordance to fengshui. The different air flow the window also causing conflicts easily, affecting to homeowner's health.


3. The suitable furnitures.

Nothing to be concerned if the living room is empty. When it’s decorated with furniture or objects, they create the elegance and beauty for living-room; of course they have to ensure the consistency and synchrony.


Here is suitability about color and size. If it's a large livingroom, it won't be too worried as a small livingroom. A small livingroom with too many furniture or flashy color items or oversized. Besides, keeping the distance between the interiors is so reasonable, avoiding the overlaps to create highlight for the room.


Firstly, the interior should harmonize the ceiling, walls and floor. If the living room tends to use light colors, it is possible to use light colored furniture such as dining tables, sofas, bookshelves to make the room more beautiful and full of life.


For fengshui of livingroom, TV console is “Moutain” and sofa is “Water”. So, TV console is often higher than sofa. It’s notification to choose sofa with right size, balance and color matching the room. The livingroom need to advoid sharp decoration details such as animal heads, horns, etc. It’s easy to make the discord for the family. In order to bring the luck and wealthy to house, you can add feng shui objects such as stone or toad, etc.


4. Bring nature to the livingroom.


It shoudn’t be decorated with fake flowers, fake trees or dried flowers in the dark livingroom because this is not good for life. The living room should be adorned with house-plants, needing little water, or fresh flowers to keep the homeowner in abundance. There are many to bring nature into the house by using wooden furniture, green carpet of grass or stones and taking advantage of natural light.


You can also put the bonsai pots with beautiful shapes in the corner, small pots on the table. At the window, let’s make glass doors to reflect the image of trees from outside.


5. Pictures.

In the living room, we can decorate landscape pictures. However, it is necessary to ensure that colors and images being suitable to the family's destiny, especially the pictures of dragons, horses, tigers, eagles, etc. There are four types of feng shui paintings that are considered harmonious with every family such as: landscape painting (mountain represents the stability of career and water is the source of money); Peony painting (symbolizing rich wealth), Fish painting (symbol of abundance) and Bamboo painting (bring a sense of peace and stability to develop reputation).


Here are five tips when designing feng shui living room furniture. Please remember when designing the living room, we not only need to pay attention to the layout, details, design... but the feng shui of livingroom is a certain thing not to be missed.


6. Create impression.

Interior design for livingroom needs to be meticulous, careful to every detail. First, when designing the living room, there should be a square, no sharp corners, no paths or corridors passing through the living room.


If you want to design the beautiful living room, arrange the sitting position; the interior of the living room need to be reasonable by choosing the highlight. Maybe to choose a TV as a highlight or view forwarding to the small garden is also a unique highlight. In addition, a fancy shaped object also creates a bright spot for the room.


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