Beautiful Small Bedroom Design and Unexpected Modern.

Beautiful Small Bedroom Design and Unexpected Modern.

Beautiful Small Bedroom Design and Unexpected Modern.


The bedroom can serve as a multifunctional room--such as an office, library, or laundry room--but in the end, it is a sanctuary for sleep. In accordance to study, time for sleeping takes 1/3 of life.


Therefore, this room should be the most luxurious and personal space in any home - a soothing oasis that is conducive to relaxation and comfort. For better sleep, bedroom always becomes to the favourite place for everyone. Here are some tips on how you can design your bedroom for better sleep, which should be considered along with color options, styles, and furniture.




1. Feng Shui:

  • Each direction in the bedroom will be appropriate for each member in family and age. For example, if you are healthier, you should set the bedroom to the east, good for ones who are in poor health or older to take a break or help them to sleep well, better and become healthier.
  • The bedroom is not faced to the bathroom because the body is mostly water. When being semidetached with the bathroom, the vitality of the body is easily affected by the movement of water if sleeping in the same wall, and this is unbalanced the body and mind. If you cannot change the position of this room, you should move the bed to another or paint the wall of the bathroom in a different color than the bedroom.

Thiet ke phong ngu nho dep va hien dai 

  • It’s shouldn’t place a small bonsai pots in the bedroom either fish tanks or landscape pictures such as lakes, rivers and streams because the bedroom follows luna and these images, objects that will stir up quiet for the bedroom whithout having the deep and incomplete sleep. On the other hand, green trees at night will breathe out cabonic and the pollen has a bad effect to respiratory in small and enclosed spaces as bedrooms.


  • Bed position: It’s put to look out the door; foot is facing to the door where can observe outside. Avoid putting the bed under the rafters, it will make the insecurity for the sleeper; and not place on the wall with door because of being fluctuated by the air from outside, creating so much instabilities in daily for using bed; Not pair two beds for one, but buy a king/queen bed; Not move your bed when your wife has pregnant.


  • Decorating a beautiful bedroom in accordance with feng shui, do not put the mirror opposite the bed at any position, without facing to be opposite the bedroom.


  • Avoiding to place arrow objects or structures pointing at the bedroom. 


2. Colors:

For small bedrooms, using light wall colors such as white will make the room becoming wider. Colors will directly affect the atmosphere of room and owner’s mood, so it’s considered the appropriate color.


Hot color will make the room becoming brighter but cold tones make the room more quiet and luxurious. Bright and vivid colors can be interesting, but sometimes it's best not to use them in the bedroom, especially if you have any trouble in sleeping. Instead of using soft and soothing colors such as blue, green and pastel; it will keep your mood becoming calm and peaceful. If you still want to combine light colors in your bedroom, use them for highlighting the pillow as art.

Thiet ke phong ngu nho dep va hien dai

The choice of colors depends on many factors such as the color of the furnitures and decorations in the room; the suitability for size of room, if the bedroom is small, you should not choose the colors too dazzling, it will cause a secret feeling...


Besides color, smoothing sound can also promote your sleep such as wind chimes or crickets. You can combine these sounds in your room with a CD player or any other hidden electronic device; a small fountain in your bedroom or hang some wind chimes outside the window.


3. Lighting:

The lighting in room will enhance the beauty for room, if it is an invested lighting system. There are some usual lights used for selection but source lights for the room need to take care of many different factors such as windows, entrance for the most reasonable light.

You can choose the reasonable layout for lighting, it depends on the area and function for bedroom. If you often watch TV in bed with your kids, you can choose a bedside lamp or desk lamp. If you want your bedroom to be relaxing, a place to rest after a tiring day, the light arranges at the wall or ceiling being a perfect choice for room lighting.


The light color in the bedroom is best located in the light range from cold java to light pink, it will make the bedroom feel peaceful and comfortable. The color of the lampshade, the light bulb adds to the beauty of the bedroom, and feels relax when entering the room.


4. Furnitures:

Some people want a bed that affects most of the bedroom space. However, the bedroom is not only for sleeping, but also for personal activities. A small bedroom with an oversized bed would be a pity.

Instead, it’s necessary to be mindful of whether furniture is versatile or not. Because the versatile household furnitures are not only convenient but they also "use products with many functions"; significantly reducing the occupied space if not necessary.


The versatile modern small bedroom furniture is often chosen such as a 2-storey bed combined with a bookshelf or versatile wardrobe ... Depending on your own needs, you can absolutely suggest having an appropriate design.





1. Colors:

Using light wall colors such as white will make the room becoming wider. If you don't want the boredom, the bright colors such as whitte for main parts as main interior, walls and ceiling; and the small decorations in the room are used other colors.


Besides, a large window with the pouring light into the room also helps to fool eyesight, creats a feeling with larger room and extremely lively.


2. Bed Position:

Most beds are prioritized in the middle of the room or in beautiful places, but with the small bedrooms, it is not a good way because the bed will be full of eyes and feel suffocated due to a lack of space. Instead, it’s necessary to put a bed in a corner of room or passage for more spacious.


3. Bed Selection:

Choosing a simple bed of style, courteous in color will both save space, and create a breathing point for the eyes without many details. Therefore, the bedroom becomes more refined and elegant. The framed, frill beds are decorated with nice look, but it belongs to the suitable room. It makes everythig worse if placing in a small room with cramped feeling.


4. Use Irreducible Style:

The irreducible design helps small bedroom to become more beautiful and spacious. This style is called Minimalism and limits ornaments, colors and lines without fussy; the simplicity and comfort are now at the top. Minimalist style today is favored by young people and applied in both modern and luxurious apartments.


5. Design Large Mirror in the Room:

Placing the mirror in bedroom will create a two-dimensional space, which feels that a room being wide and deep. This way is used quite much today. However, the position should be perpendicular to the window (not directly into the bed) which will help to enhance the light shining into the room, creating ventilation and feeling wider than the real space.


6. Get the best out of free space:

For limiting all kind of shelfs, if the "open-air" furniture takes up space, it’ll be possible to choose the space under the bed as the storage cabinet. You can absolutely buy a bed with a cabinet on the bottom or ask for cabinetmaker.


7. Vertical space Design:

In a small bedroom, it will become smaller and cramped, messier with the spread layout. If you want to get the best out of space to ensure all functions such as work place, storage area, resting, etc… it should be designed in accordance with vertical. It’s necessary to use multi-purpose furniture including lockers, book storage shelves at the bottom as well as beds and desks at the top.


8. Be impressive with wall Design:

It should decorate the bedroom meticulously, detailedly to fade the real area of room. You can fool your eyes by a carefully painted or painted wall to create accents and depth.


9. The nook-shelves:

Nook-shelves do not only take up space but also expand the inside space of wall. The beautiful small nook-shelves for decoration indispensablilties in small bedrooms are used by many designers.


10. The floating shelves:

Adding the floating shelves will help the small bedroom becoming wider and more beautiful. The long shelves are mounted on the side of bed or wall, which can turn into a souvenir display, a bookshelf or place for photos of the family. 


With some suggestions as above, Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration hopes you having more ideas in design, arrangment and suitable furniture usage to feel spacious and comfortable./.

Collected, translated & Edited by:

Van Nam Furniture & Interior Decoration


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